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As a Nationally Designated Member with one of the following National Organizations, you are granted permission to  a significantly reduced fee for both the Correspondence Training and first years national Designation Dues, as a National REA Designated Member in Good Standing.

The following organizations have Nationally Recognized this training and National REA Designation. The organizations include:


National Association of Real Estate Appraisers

National Association of Review Appraisers and Mortgage Underwriters

Housing Inspection Foundation

International Real Estate Institute

Environmental Assessment Association


Fill out the following form, and mail it in. Once received and processes, you will receive your first correspondence course materials by e-mail. Once you have finished all Modules, you will take and return a Final Exam. If you pass, you will be awarded membership and the REA Educational Designation. The reduced  fee of $ 295.00 will include the correspondence course (sent to you in several Modules by e-mail-You must have a pdf reader to view the program and manuals), final exam (in word), designation and one year membership. The Course, first year membership and final exam, and use of the designation  is $ 295.00. Thereafter your annual dues are capped at only $ 75.00 annually. Regularly $ 795.00, NOW ONLY $ 295.00. This is a $ 500.00 Savings. This is not a Continuing Education Course, but rather a National Educational Energy Program.


Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Course Is Ahead Of It's Time. It Is Up To You To Take Advantage Of This Program!

The green movement is making a prevalent impact nationwide on the way corporations, government and local communities conduct daily activities.  But there's another segment of the population whose interest in ‘going green' could create an estimated 87,000 new jobs in the clean energy economy (source: U.S. Department of Energy).  We're talking about homeowners.

Nationwide, homeowners are more educated than ever before about the advantages of being energy conscious.  As a result, they are pursuing ways to save money on rising energy costs by weather-proofing their homes – which can reduce heating bills by 32% and overall energy bills by about  $350 per year at current prices (U.S. Department of Energy). 

And there's more good news - under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, about $8 billion has been invested into state and local weatherization and energy efficiency programs.  This means the Department of Energy will partner with state and local governments to put thousands of Americans to work and save families hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bills (DOE).

Prepare to join the growing clean energy workforce with online Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Program.  Upon successful completion of this course, you can take the REA Professional  exam  and launch a new career in an industry that needs trained workers – and that can be you. We cannot guarantee your success in any field. We can only offer you the materials needed to understand the role, goals and how to implement energy savings for each client's home. We are confident you can help homeowner's save money.

Print this entire page and Mail it to:


MERRELL INSTITUTE  Residential Energy Assessment Program, 1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 117116


Questions? Call 631-563-7720 for further information. This program and National (Residential Energy Assessor-REA) Designation is recognized by the  Associations listed above, as their Official National Energy Program. You may also call your National Association to verify same at (877) 743-6806  . This discounted price is  available for Nationally designated members in good standing. Originally $ 795.00, Now only $ 295.00


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Discount Tuition of $ 295.00 - Correspondence Program, Exam and one year membership fee ~ Available ONLY for Association

Members and School Students/Grads.


Method of Payment: $ 295.00 [ ] Check Made Payable to: Merrell Institute    [  ] VISA     [  ] MasterCard   3 Digit Code:________


Credit Card Number:_____________________________________________________ Expires on:___________________


[  ]  Please attach a resume      E-MAIL for documents to be shipped____________________________________________


I authorize payment  of $ 295.00 to be made to my check or credit card as indicated above, which includes the correspondence course

modules. the final and first year membership and listing in the Residential Energy Assessment web site, once program is complete.


Signed_______________________________________________________________________ dated__________________


All Those Who Desire Registering, Should Call 631-563-7720.

Or Mail registration to: Merrell Institute,  1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716

or fax registration to:  631-563-7719 with credit card information


"Members will be permitted to use our logos in all their literature and web site data. This will show you as a Tested, Educated, Designated Member"

This courses does not discuss blower door testing for the following reason: (This is our opinion on this subject-You must decide your level of involvement)

 Blower door testing is every specialized and required intensive hands-on training, and has been controversial. If you do not properly turn off pilots, close vents, close windows, clean out fireplaces, clean out oil burner vent stack, close oil burner intake, and , the after the test is concluded, you would be required to turn everything back on, relight all pilots, open all items you closed before the test, and make sure everything is properly functioning. A Blower Door test is more than just hands on, for the test. It requires hours of checks and re-checks to make sure damage is not caused as a result of the test. This hands on test which should not be taken lightly. Many people do a thorough job, however if something is missed, there can be a negative damaging effect the home- and potentially put the homeowners at risk for Carbon Monoxide poisoning or for gas leaking. Anyone who even considers a blower door test, must be trained extensively, and be prepared to show the benefit of such a test. Further, that individual must have insurance to warranty their testing. We recommend, non-invasive Infrared Camera usage, which does not put the home at the same level of risk, nor are pilot lights and venting and ash in the fireplace affected.

Our program is a visual analysis which requires at minimum a IR Thermal Thermometer (a camera is great but not mandatory) The cost is as low as $ 200.00 for a Thermal Imaging Camera.

Your job as a RESIDENTIAL ENERGY ASSESSOR is to show a homeowner what they need to do to save energy. You perform a room by room determination as to what a person can do to save energy.  This is something that will save them money every day for the rest of their lives.


About your membership:

We will be mailing you an Educational Certificate upon completion. Please allow 3-4 weeks from the time you are approved. Once you complete your entire program, it is graded, and your name is presented at the monthly meeting for approval.  Your membership will begin the month following your approvals- we ask that those who graduate allow us several weeks to review their documents and then we require up to 30 days (3-4 weeks) to issue you, and mail you your National Educational REA DESIGNATION CERTIFICATE.

Thank you for participating in our program