Reform Party of New York State

Reform Party of New York State
Chairman Bill C. Merrell, NYS Chair & National Executive Director- Reform Party USA
Senate leader none
Founded NYS Reorganized 2008
Headquarters Long Island, NY
Ideology Fiscal Conservatism, Social Liberalism
National affiliation Reform Party of the United States of America
Colors Red, White, Blue Approved by Reform Party USA
Politics of the United States
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The Reform Party of New York State (also known as the New York State Reform Party) is the state party organization for New York State of the Reform Party of the United States of America.


The Reform Party of New York State is duly authorized to use the Reform Party USA Logo as the Reform Party New York State is authorized by the National Executive Committee as verified by Reform Party USA [1][2]

Modern Party

In 2010 it was announced by the Reform Party National Committee that the New York State was permitted to reorganized as a State Chapter of the Reform Party USA.[3]
The reorganized Reform Party of New York State shares the National party's current platform as set forth by the Reform Party USA [1]


The 2012-2013 Chairperson of the Reform Party of New York State is Bill C. Merrell, and Vice Chair is Leigh Pollet. The NYS Executive Committee is listed at [3] [4]

Bill Merrell has been selected by the National Executive Committee of the Reform Party USA to be the National Executive Director [1] Recently, at the National Convention, Bill Merrell was elected National Vice Chairman of the National Reform Party [1] in addition to his position as Appointed Executive Director.  Currently Bill Merrell is the National Chair of the REform Party and the NYS Chair of the Approved Reform Party with legal rights to use the name as per our patent.

Election News

Mr. Carl Person, accepted our line as our candidate for Mayor in NY City. New York City is the largest Mayoral election in New York State, and Mr. Carl Person has decided to run with the National Reform Party Banner, and  ran for mayor. Although Mr. Person did not win his bid for Mayor, the fact stands that Mr. Carl Person was and is the candidate in 2013 as the official Reform Party Candidate, running for mayor in New York City.

Focus of New York State Party

The New York State Chair, Bill Merrell, Vice-Chair Len Ungar and the Committee established to reorganize the Reform Party in New York State is working towards New York State ballot Access, which is, by NYS Election Law obtained during Governor Races, in which the Reform Party of New York State candidate must achieve 50,000 votes for Governor.[5] The Reform Party of New York State has been granted National Affiliation with the Reform Party USA, The Reform Party National Committee held its annual in-person meeting on October 22, 2010 in Irving.
"We are also excited to announce the temporary affiliation of the Reform Party of New York. Temporary affiliation allows the state party to participate in Reform Party activities until the next national convention is able to vote on full affiliation. The Reform Party USA has not had an affiliate in New York State since the Independence Party of New York disaffiliated in 2000"(Direct Quote) [6]

RACES in 2012-2015. As the New York State Reform Party, we endorsed many individuals on many different levels of Government, from Town Counsel, School Board Member and even Mayor in the Great City of New York. Carl E. Persons. Carl Persons, Esquire, was granted the right to run for Mayor in 2013 n New York City. We were very please that the NY City Board of Elections gave us permission to allow Mr. Persons ballot access to run as the NYS Reform Party Candidate for mayor in NEW YORK STATE. This was and is the official Reform Party in NYS, and Bill C. Merrell is the New York State Chair of the NYS Reform Party that gave Mr. Persons permission to run on the Reform Party Line using the name, "REFORM PARTY".

 National Committee Members  (See National Reform Party)

New York State Chair: Bill Merrell

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 Reform Party Platform

The Reform Party platform includes the following:

A noticeable absence from the Reform Party platform has been what are termed social issues, including abortion and gay rights. Reform Party representatives had long stated beliefs that their party could bring together people from both sides of these issues, which they consider divisive, to address what they considered to be more vital concerns as expressed in their platform. The idea was to form a large coalition of moderates; that intention was overridden in 2001 by the Buchanan takeover which rewrote the RPUSA Constitution to specifically include platform planks opposed to any form of abortion. The Buchananists, in turn, were overridden by the 2002 Convention which specifically reverted the Constitution to its 1996 version and the party's original stated goals.

 Future Goals of the New York State Reform Party

With our Reform Party volunteers in New York State, and our National Affiliation with the Reform Party USA,the NYS State Committee is working with local, regional, statewide and future National elections to effect change [3]

New York State Chair, Bill Merrell has been actively involved in recruiting those who wish to become New York State Reform members. The Reform Party of New York State has hosted informal gatherings, and is planning to hold Reform Party of New York State meetings in every County in New York State throughout 2011 & 2012, to create the needed membership and committee of volunteers. This will allow the Reform Party of New York State to grow and achieve ballot access to effect positive change and further the New York State and National Reform Party Platform [1][3][4]