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If you are a Nationally Designated Home Inspector, Appraiser or Real Estate Professional, we have an offer you for,


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Education, Membership & a Professional Designation


"Designed for Home Inspectors, Appraisers and Phase 1 Inspectors who wish to expand their business opportunities into Energy and Environmental Inspecting through our Residential Energy Assessor Program"

EDUCATED: Mandatory Education as required by and as developed by The Merrell Institute, Board of Educators 631-563-7720  We follow US Dept. of HUD guidelines and requirements for a Healthy Home Including Energy Conservation &  Environmental Safety


TESTED: Mandatory Proctored Exam, administered by the Merrell Institute, Board of Educators 631-563-7720- Tests are kept on file to verify your successful test completion


DESIGNATED: Earned by your ability to learn and grow, by attending our Designation program or other equivalent programs, passing the proctored designation exam, and applying to the Merrell Institute Educational Board

STEP 1: In order to become a Residential Energy Assessor, ("R.E.A. Designation") you are required to take the required coursework, as developed by The Merrell Institute (or equivalent coursework) in which the detailed outline must be reviewed by the Merrell Institute Board of Educators and the National Association you are affiliated with. EAA, HIF, ACI, NAREA, NARAMU, or IREI.


STEP 2: You must apply to take the Residential Energy Assessor ("R.E.A. Designation") Final Examination


STEP 3: You must agree to abide by the Residential Energy Assessor ("R.E.A. Designation") Code of Ethics and abide by all Local, State and Federal Regulations. You must certify your compliance with all requirements as set forth by the Merrell Institute Board of Educators.


The purpose of achieving this designation is to be capable of offering a Residential  Energy Inspection. (Healthy Inspections in which Environmental Concerns will also be addressed. This will include an energy savings inspection and an environmental phase 1 inspection. Homeowners benefit from an Inspection that includes the Healthy Home Concept.

Once you have completed our comprehensive course, and pass the proctored exam, you will be officially Designated as an REA- RESIDENTIAL ENERGY ASSESSOR. Those who attend our program and complete the comprehensive correspondence program will earn the Educational Designation "REA" and are qualified to perform Energy Inspections to benefit homeowners. (subject to state and federal regulation)
  • School: Merrell Institute and the affiliated Asscoaition

  • Educator/Author of Program:  Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D., R.E.A.

  • Phone: 631-563-7720    Fax: 631-563-7719

  • Web:

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    Consider this as a new way to make money in this economy- read all about the program and  Sign Up Today! We teach you what you need to perform Energy Inspections- The cost for the Correspondence Course is $ 295.00- Not $ 795.00. A $ 500.00 Savings !

    This course is  approved for Professional Development by the Housing Inspection Foundation, Environmental Assessment Association, Association of Construction Inspectors,and North American Association Network. Those who complete this program, and pass the final examination will receive their first year membership to North American Association Network and Educational REA designation FREE. A $ 125 Value

    Who Should Attend this course?

    Contractors, Home Inspectors and Appraisers and those with a working knowledge of homes

    What Will We Cover?

    This program involves both theory and practical n training. We will cover each aspect of Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Concerns for a residential home.  We will show you how to complete an Energy Inspection for the benefit of Homeowners and Home-buyers. Many homeowners can save thousands of dollars in energy bills over 5 to 10 years by implementing your  recommendations.  We include the materials you need to develop a detailed understanding of the process and create the Reports for homeowners in a Narrative style.  There is also a Comprehensive  Exam at course conclusion for REA Designation. This ius an Educational Correspondence Program. throughout the country. Check to see if your state recognizes or has additional regulations regarding Energy Savings Reports.

    Affiliations and Designations:

    Upon completion of this correspondence program, you will be eligible for the designation of R.E.A. Designation (Residential Energy Assessor) free, and membership to the Environmental Assessment Association  and the Housing Inspection Foundation. 1st Year Membership reduced to $ 59.00.

    "Save Money, Save Energy, Save The Earth, One Home at a time"


    To Sign Up, Call us at 631-563-7720– Limited Seating ! Professional Development Course

    Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D., School Director    631-563-7720  Fax: 731-563-7719



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    1461-16 LAKELAND AVE., BOHEMIA, NY 11716  631-563-7720  

  • 10 Major Healthy Home Energy Curriculum Categories include:

    1.      Heating, Cooling, & Ventilating Insulation (HVAC)

    2.      Insulation

    3.      Appliances

    4.      Air Quality

    5.      Natural Light

    6.      Electricity Consumption

    7.      Water Consumption & Quality

    8.      Interior Materials and Options

    9.      Exterior Materials and Options

    10.   Passive and Active Solar Options



    If you perform Energy Inspection on Residential Homes, you should consider the Residential Energy Assessor Designation, an Educational Designation created by the Merrell Institute,

     for Tested, Educated and Designated Inspectors who who wish to actively perform Residential Energy Assessments.


    To Apply to the ENERGY INSPECTION NETWORK, fill out the form below and snail mail it to our facilities with all documents requested. We will e-mail you a PDF exam, which you are to complete and snail mail back to us. Once we have received the original documentation and the completed Examination, The Residential Energy Assessor Board will contact you and finalize your application and, if determined qualified, you will be permitted use of the REA Designation, Residential Energy Assessor Designation.


    Name____________________________________________________________ Phone_________________________________


    Fax_________________________________ Cell___________________________ e-mail________________________________


    Company Name__________________________________________________________ Years in Inspection Business____________




    I certify that the information contained is true. I will supply all information requested above.

    The Education Board will make a final determination as to your membership and use of the Residential Energy Assessor Designation.

    Your Voluntary membership fee is $ 125.00. After your first year, membership renewals are $ 75.00 annually. Those who qualify, will receive

    a Membership Certificate (Mailed and E-Mailed)  Allow 2 weeks processing for those who qualify. Allow up to 2 weeks to receive your official certificate.

     We process memberships on the 1st and 15th or each month as approved by the Residential Energy Assessors Committee.


    Signed___________________________________________________________________ dated______________________________




    1461-16 Lakeland Avenue,

    Bohemia, NY 11716


    Questions? Speak with Bill Merrell, REA at 631-563-7720


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